MMC Flash Memory Cards

Memory & Storage devices

   Looking for MMC Cards? Many MMC cards have been replaced by traditional SD cards. However if your equipment still requires MMC cards we request that you contact us so we may provide you with a custom quote with your available options.
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Ship times may vary, on when order is placed and shipping destination. International orders add 1 - 5 days.
 Description  Part No  Manufacturer  Stock  Price  Order
 32MB Multimedia Card MMC PCDMMC32MB PCcardsDirect 25.00
 64MB Multimedia Card MMC PCDMMC64MB PCcardsDirect 26.25
 128MB Multimedia Card MMC PCDMMC128MB PCcardsDirect 27.50
 256MB Multimedia Card MMC PCDMMC256MB PCcardsDirect 30.00
 512MB Multimedia Card MMC PCDMMC512MB PCcardsDirect 31.25
 1GB Multimedia Card MMC PCDMMC1024MB PCcardsDirect 35.00
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